Main Building Map

The main building of FBC is on the corner of Highland Ave and Dickson St.

Pictured below is a map of all the rooms on all the floors of the Main building.

Sunday Morning Locations

Preschool Division

(first floor)

Babies I - E120, Babies II - E122, Toddlers - E127, Preschool - E128

Elementary Division

(second floor)

Kindergarten - E222, 1st grade - E223, 2nd grade - E224, 3rd grade - E226, 4th grade E225

Middle School Division

(second floor)

5th-6th grades - E220

Adult Division

(first and third floor)

Tanneberger Department

Leroy Duell Class - A150, Miller/Dodge Class - A160, Rick McCoy Class - 162, Komarek/Burdine Class - 174

Strouse Department

Joe Young Class - A170, Barry Griffey Class - 172

Ikerd Department

Benji Mahan Class - E320

Threet Department

John Threet Class - E322, Cari Humphrey Class - E324

North Building Maps

The north building is touching College Ave and is connected to the main building.

Pictured below is maps to the rooms on all the floors in the north building. You can scroll to see different floors.

Sunday Morning Locations

Youth Division

(ground floor)

Youth Worship Area

University Division

(first floor and second floor)

Kevin Hall Class - N107/N108, Women Class - N109, Mark Lovell Class - N111, Grads Class - Great Hall

Adult Division

(first floor)

Shackelford Department

David Williams Class - N116, Carolyn Howard Class - N118, Gerald Jones Class - N121, Dorcas Class - N125