Deep Discipleship: The Gospels & Acts

Thursdays, 4-5:50pm

January 18-May 2

Led by Josh Mauldin

Join us for this survey of the Gospels and Acts. The class will include reading, discussion, study questions, and lectures to help us understand the structure and meaning of the first five books of the New Testament. 


The class is also available for credit through Spurgeon College and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The credit option will include an additional textbook, a midterm & final, an 8-12 page research paper, and an additional hour of class each week. Those taking the class for credit will meet from 3-5:50pm on Thursdays (or at a time that works for all those involved). 

You can register here for the class or contact Josh for more information: There is no cost for either class option, but students are responsible for supplying their own textbooks.