preschool ministries

Equipping Kids to Know, Grow, & Show God’s Love.  

The Preschool Ministry of First Baptist Church is here to provide a safe and nurturing Christian environment for preschoolers and to teach them to know God loves them and has a plan for their lives, to help lead them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to help them live lives that worship and honor God. We also desire to partner with parents in leading their children spiritually.

We join with you in one of your most important tasks . . .your child’s physical, mental, and spiritual development. 

Because of this interest, we have developed some goals and standards for ourselves in this area of our work. Our goals are to provide a learning environment with teachers who know how to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of your child. We want every preschooler to: 

  • know that God loves them.  
  • learn that Jesus is our Savior.  
  • learn that God made the world good and beautiful for us to enjoy.  
  • think of the Bible as a special book, God’s Word, which tells us about God and Jesus.    
  • have good experiences at church and have positive feelings about church.

Our prayer is that each child would have a Christian home and for the understanding and cooperation of each of us as we work together for the good of your child. We stand ready
to serve you. We welcome your help, questions, and suggestions. 

God bless you and your children.  

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LISA WHEAT, Minister of Childhood Education

LINDA DILLEY, Preschool Coordinator