How to Join


If you would like to join our fellowship, please come to the front of the Sanctuary during the song following the message and speak with one of our pastors. If you prefer, you may contact the church office and a pastor will be glad to talk with you at another time.


Express your desire for membership through one of the following means:

  • Profession of faith and baptism: This a a public declaration of making Jesus the Lord of your life followed by baptism. 
  • Transfer of letter: If you are currently a member of another Baptist church, upon your request, we will contact them and transfer your membership. 
  • Statement: We also receive members upon their statement of faith in Jesus Christ and scriptural baptism.

    *Joining our Sunday School classes allows you to be on the Sunday School roll & receive emails & mail about upcoming events & prayer concerns in our church. Sunday School membership is not the same as church membership.