Coronavirus (covid-19)

Letter from the Pastor

*Posted May 6, 2020

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for your flexibility, encouragement, and faithfulness during these days of the pandemic as we adjust Bible study and worship opportunities. Our staff team has worked diligently and creatively to engage the church family and beyond with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This week Governor Hutchinson issued his office’s recommendations for churches. He rightly offers recommendations and not requirements for places of worship. Yet, our desire is to honor all of those in authority, praying for them always and heeding their words whenever possible.

Therefore, First Baptist Church will open the doors for Morning Worship beginning Sunday, May 17!

Meeting in person requires great responsibility by all of us to prevent spreading the coronavirus. If our actions cause individuals to get sick, we will possibly need to revert to online only services. To prevent such action, some of the procedures we are establishing include: 

  •          All doors will be propped open (then closed after worship begins)
  •          Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building
  •          Physical spacing will be honored through spaced seating with families sitting together
  •          There will be no bulletin, passing plate, or “shaking hands” greeting time
  •          No childcare will be available
  •          Masks will be “strongly encouraged” to be worn by all (10 years old and up)
  •          Church buses will not be operated 

Our sanctuary can accommodate about 350 people following these guidelines. If you have personal concerns or are in a higher risk category, you are encouraged to continue joining us through the online worship. If you feel like you cannot honor the guidelines, please continue to join us through the online worship while these guidelines are in place. Our goal is to worship together while maintaining the health and safety of each person.

In addition to 10:30 Morning Worship – online and in person – beginning on May 17, online Sunday School will continue for youth, college, and adults. These will begin at 9:00 am to provide time, if needed, for participants to drive to the building for Morning Worship.

If you have questions about our plans, please contact the church office. We want to accommodate each person while demonstrating love for one another during this season of flexibility.


Biblical community is relational.  Our challenge will be to pursue relationships while making healthy safety of our church members and our community a priority.   We are working to provide as many online avenues of connect available.   Please stay tuned to this page for updates for online Worship services, Sunday school and ministry opportunities.


Many of you in our Church family have already asked if there are any needs within our church family that you can help with. Needs related to isolation or self quarantine for our high risk members.  Although we are not yet aware of needs, we anticipate there will be.

Here is how you can help.   Click here to register yourself as a COVID-19 helper.  As needs arise within our Church family related to isolation or self-quarantine we will connect the need with a helper. 


Need help or know of one of our Church members who need help please let us know. Our deacons as well as many others in our church family are willing to make grocery and supply runs for you. 

CALL OR EMAIL:  479-313-6218