Coronavirus (covid-19)

Letter from the Pastor

*Posted March 13, 2020 - 8:015 PM

These are sobering times as concerns about Covid-19 multiply. We continue to monitor the impact around the world, especially noting how it impacts our international missionaries. This faithful group continues to serve people around the world with spiritual and physical needs. Though we cannot personally travel to them, we know our God is not limited. We give and we pray that God’s work through them might flourish.

We also continue to monitor the impact of Covid-19 around our state and in our community. While we will not react with panic and fear, we will act prudently and wisely to prevent potential spread of illness and to protect the health of our larger community. Our greatest concern is for our older church members and for individuals with underlying health issues.

With the Fayetteville mayor declaring a State of Emergency, as good citizens we will honor his request to not have larger public gatherings. As a result, we are shifting to virtual worship services and cancelling all activities in the church buildings, including this Sunday. You are invited to join us on the church Facebook page for "corporate" worship. 

We were already planning to limit activities for the near future; this has expedited our plans to include this Sunday morning. At this time, we are planning to gather again on Sunday, March 29. Any changes to these plans will be communicated to you as soon as we are able.

Additional information:

  • Our custodial crew has been working to wipe down every doorknob, handle, and pew. They work each week to clean the church and we are grateful for this extra diligence. During the time our buildings are closed, the facilities will undergo a more intensive cleaning of all areas.
  • Church trips (Israel, Alaska, Arlington, and NAME) have been cancelled or postponed.
  • The dental clinic has been postponed. A new date will be announced in the future.
  • The church office will remain open. However, if you are staying at home and need assistance, a pastor or deacon will be pleased to visit you.

As further information is available, we will keep you updated through our website and app, email, and personal communication. As always, pray for one another and let us proclaim the good news of Jesus across the street and around the world.


Bro. Doug


Biblical community is relational.  Our challenge will be to pursue relationships while making healthy safety of our church members and our community a priority.   We are working to provide as many online avenues of connect available.   Please stay tuned to this page for updates for online Worship services, Sunday school and ministry opportunities.


Many of you in our Church family have already asked if there are any needs within our church family that you can help with. Needs related to isolation or self quarantine for our high risk members.  Although we are not yet aware of needs, we anticipate there will be.

Here is how you can help.   Click here to register yourself as a COVID-19 helper.  As needs arise within our Church family related to isolation or self-quarantine we will connect the need with a helper. 


Need help or know of one of our Church members who need help please let us know. Our deacons as well as many others in our church family are willing to make grocery and supply runs for you. 

CALL OR EMAIL:  479-313-6218