disciple now

  • Date: February 7th-9th       Cost: $50 for the weekend.
  • Speaker: Josh Mauldin         Topic: "The Image of God"

D-Now is like a local, spring-semester  retreat. Youth members stay in host homes, meet together for games and worship, and focus on one big, spiritual topic. People should go to D-Now for the same reason they should go to a lot of things with the youth:  This is how you make friends! The community I found in the youth was one of the most grounding aspects of high school and propelled my spiritual growth. Don’t underestimate fellowship;  it is necessary to have deep, Christian friendships, and going to events like D-Now will help you get plugged in. Additionally, D-Now will challenge you spiritually.  I had a couple of noteworthy breakthrough moments at D-Now that changed who I was when I went home.  It comes at a time of year when it is easy to be involved in yourself and academics and drift from God, and it is good to regroup and spend a weekend intentionally in the Word of God with Christians. -Sarah

Mission Arlington

  • March 22nd-27th           Cost: $150

We drive down to Arlington, Texas and volunteer Monday through Friday with the Christian organization Mission Arlington. The day starts with worship and a devotional followed by service projects that range from sorting canned food to distributing donations of clothes and food to apartment complexes. In the afternoon, we attend another group time of worship and prayer and head out to an apartment complex that Mission Arlington assigns to our group for the week to run what people call a “Rainbow Express.” It is basically a VBS with music, games, food, and of course a bible story. The focus of the week is to serve Mission Arlington so that they can build relationships with the community that will hopefully lead to salvations and church plants. -Joelle