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Welcome Bowl-Saturday, August 24, 2-4pm at Ozark Lanes.

Join us as we kickoff the semester, meet new people, and knock down some pins.

Welcome Sunday-Sunday, August 25, 9am in the FBC Chapel

Hot breakfast, Bible Study, and a chance to get to know FBC. Worship follows at 10:30am.


College Sunday- Sundays at 9am

Breakfast, some opening activities, and your choice of 3 different Bible studies.

Big breakfast with other Sunday School departments a few times a semester.

College Worship- Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Join us in the chapel every Wednesday for a time of worship and Bible teaching.

Fall kickoff on August 28.

On campus

Monday Night Meal Trade and Game Night- Monday nights at 6pm

Join us for dinner at the Founder's Hall Slim Chicken's. 

Use a meal trade if you live on campus or if you're off campus

buy dinner there or bring it with you. Stay afterwards to hang

out and play games! 

National Collegiate Week

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Josh Mauldin, associate pastor


twitter/instagram: @joshtmauldin

(479) 313-6216

Wendesday night worship slides

In case you missed a Wednesday night worship this semester,

these pictures have links to the slides that were used during Josh's message. 

  • Big Picture

    Type content here...

  • False Foundation of Feelings

    Type content here...

  • True Love

    Type content here...

  • Marriage

    Type content here...

  • Dating

    Type content here...

  • Singleness

    Type content here...

  • Manhood & womanhood

    Type content here...

  • God's good plan for Sex

    Type content here...

  • Deviating from god's plan for sex

    Type content here...

  • Deviating From God's Plan (Part 2)

    Type content here...